Attacked by a dog, then stuck with the bills


Leslie • 25 years old • Direct Support Caretaker

Original medical Debt
Amount sought by the collection company

In 2018, Leslie was mauled in a vicious dog attack. The dog owners said they would pay her medical costs, but then they skipped town. The police have not been able to track them down, leaving Leslie with the bills. To complicate matters, Leslie’s insurance coverage had lapsed just eight days prior to the attack.

Leslie paid approximately $4,000 toward the emergency bills; however, a $1,213 bill slipped through the cracks and went unpaid. Leslie only found out about the debt last October when she was informed that her wages would be garnished. Her original bill had already been increased by an additional $765.95 because of interest and attorney fees. She has called the debt collectors repeatedly to arrange for a payment plan rather than have her wages garnished, but she hasn’t been able to speak to anyone on the phone. She only gets voicemail and has never received a call back. She’s willing to take responsibility for the medical bills that should rightly have been paid by her neighbors, but without cooperation from the collection agency, Leslie’s options are limited.