Home loan denied

Andrew • 35 years old • Brickwork apprentice

Original medical Debt
Amount sought by the collection company

A little over 14 years ago, Andrew was struck by an intoxicated driver. After he recovered, he sued the driver for compensation and won. Andrew assumed that the compensation covered all his medical bills since he never heard anything about them afterward.

Last year, Andrew was taking steps to secure a home loan to buy a house. He was shocked to learn that there was a judgment against him for medical debt that he had no idea existed. Andrew had never received any information regarding an owing debt from any health care provider or debt collector. Andrew contacted the debt collector and learned that his debt had been accruing interest and fees since 2008! His bill of $9,330.92 is now $17,121.23. Andrew tried to work out a settlement or payment plan, but by the time he responded to the collectors, they had already initiated garnishment. He can’t understand why he was never contacted about the debt during the 12 years it was accruing interest.