On the hook for a billing error + fees

Shawna • 33 years old • Natural Resource Specialist

Original medical Debt
Amount sought by the collection company

Shawna received emergency room care in May 2018. She provided a copy of her insurance information to the hospital at that time. After her recovery, she received a late notice indicating the $794 bill was unpaid. Shawna called and spoke with the hospital and provided them with her insurance information again. The hospital assured her they would rebill her insurance.

About 6 months later, Shawna was served with a lawsuit for the costs of her emergency care. Shawna spoke with the attorneys representing the debt collection company and explained that the $794 bill was not submitted correctly by the hospital to her insurance. She was told, in effect, that it didn’t matter. The attorneys demanded she still pay the $794 medical bill plus $678.61 of additional attorney fees and interest for a total of $1,472.61. Shawna’s $794 bill was paid in full by her insurance. Shawna filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and provided the attorneys a zero balance statement from her insurance. The attorneys refused to negotiate the costs, fees, or the impact to Shawna’s credit.