The penalty of being one day late


Grace • 37 years old • Executive Hotel Housekeeper

Original medical Debt
Amount sought by the collection company

Grace received emergency care in 2016. When the bill was turned over to debt collectors, a payment plan of $50 per month was arranged. One month, Grace did not receive her payment reminder from the debt collector and contacted the collection company one day later to make her payment. Because she was late, the debt collector demanded $325 a month instead of the established $50 payment.

To prevent additional fees and costs, Grace’s mother paid the remainder of the bill, which included attorney fees and interest. Grace thought the debt was settled. However she recently received notice from the debt collectors that they were seeking an additional $1,152.31 in supplemental attorney fees and costs! The situation frustrated Grace, considering her mother had already paid off the entire debt.

This is a recurring theme. Attorneys often hit patients with additional attorney fees as soon as they pay off their original debt.