About Us

The Idaho Patient Act (IPACT) began after a series of events involving a Melaleuca employee and a court order to garnish her wages led to the discovery of what many believe are unethical and dishonest practices among some medical debt collection companies.

Like Toto pulling the curtain back on the “Great and Terrible Oz,” the truth about medical debt collections in Idaho have been revealed. For too long, lives of hardworking, honorable Idahoans have been fractured by the greed of those exploiting loopholes in the system.

IPACT seeks to remedy those problems with legislation that addresses and solves the issues plaguing Idaho citizens. Here you can read the story that exposed the problem and contact your legislators. Now! We need your voice to make a positive change for Idaho.

This is the first news story about the Melaleuca employee. This story resulted in hundreds of responses revealing how huge this problem is!

We Need Your Voice

Every Idahoan deserves the fairness that IPACT provides. But we can’t do that without you. Please contact Governor Little now.

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