Bryan smith is counting on you Not to vote!

He knows that if you show up to vote on May 21, he will lose!

Why? Because anyone who has been a victim of his underhanded debt collection practices or learns the truth about him will never vote for him!!!

Four years ago, the Idaho Legislature passed laws to specifically stop Bryan Smith’s abusive debt-collection practices. Now he is running for office so he can repeal those laws and once again sue innocent people and turn small medical debts into huge attorney fees. He has made millions doing that! So he wants to start it up again! But you can stop him!

Bryan Smith’s opponents in the primary are Wendy Horman and Sean Coletti. We believe that Wendy Horman is, by far, the best conservative candidate. Wendy has served Idaho conservative citizens extremely well in this position. She has never let us down! We believe she deserves our support.

Sean Coletti appears to be the most liberal of the three candidates and has come out publicly against school choice and in favor of higher sales taxes in Idaho cities. That is why we are endorsing Wendy Horman for State Representative.

This is one of the most important primary elections in idaho’s history!

Protect your family from Bryan Smith! If you are not aware of who Bryan Smith is, please become informed! Click here to learn more about him.

You may wonder why Melaleuca would take such a strong position in the election. Here’s why:

– Some time ago, Bryan Smith contacted Melaleuca to garnish one of our employee’s wages for a small medical debt ($294) for which Smith had added an additional $400 in attorney fees.
– Smith gave Melaleuca a Social Security number, but he did not have the right employee’s name.
– Smith insisted that we give him the employee’s name that matched the Social Security number.
– Melaleuca could not legally do that over the phone, so we asked Smith to send his request in writing.
– Smith became arrogant on the phone and threatened to sue us for the money.
– Rather than sending a letter, which would have solved the problem, Smith forced Melaleuca into litigation.
– Unbelievably, in court he demanded that Melaleuca pay the employee’s medical bills.
– The judge informed Smith that his argument was ludicrous and instructed him to simply send Melaleuca the letter that Melaleuca suggested.
– Smith complied. And Melaleuca sent him the name of our employee with the Social Security number.
– But THEN Smith insisted that our employee pay him more than $5,400 for the time he had spent in court for his ridiculous case against Melaleuca! The case he lost!
– So now Smith had tacked on $5,800 in attorney fees to a $294 medical bill.
– When East Idaho News exposed this story to the public, over 400 families commented that Smith had done the same thing to them!
– After hearing dozens of horrifying stories about Smith’s tactics, Frank and Belinda VanderSloot decided to create a fund to defend innocent people from Smith’s collection firm, MRS. They donated $1 million and legally defended 287 families against Bryan Smith!
– When Melaleuca informed the Idaho Legislature about what Smith was doing, both the House and the Senate overwhelmingly voted to pass the Idaho Patient Act to make Smith’s shady tactics illegal.
– Bryan Smith is now trying to get himself elected to Idaho’s House of Representatives so he can undo the Idaho Patient Act and once again bilk the public of millions, using his unscrupulous tactics.

Protect your family from Bryan Smith!

Please come out to vote on May 21!

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