Brooke Green

Brooke Green

Bill Support Status: Supporter

House Bill 515 Vote Status: Voted Yes

District: 18B

Chamber: House

Party: Democrat

Phone: 208-332-1080

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page:

Address: 285 W. Carter Street, Boise, ID 83706

In the News:

The committee voted unanimously to introduce the bill. Rep. Brooke Green, D-Boise, said she was “thrilled to see this come forward,” adding that many people end up going bankrupt due to medical debt.

“This truly does add transparency and help our Idaho families,” she said.

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Rep. Brooke Green, D-Boise, said she had a similar experience when she didn’t receive a medical bill sent to her shortly after she moved out of her family home.

“I was that 19-year-old girl who sat on the receiving end of an attorney demanding that my $89 bill was now going to cost $400,” she said.

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