Former State Representative is Advocate for Medical Billing Legislation

CHANNEL 6 KPVI — Going into week five of the Idaho legislative session at the state capitol in Boise.

Former State Representative Dustin Manwaring says one of the hot topics at legislative session right now is the proposed legislation by local business man and founder of Melaleuca, Frank Vandersloot.

Vandersloot is working with leaders in Boise to create the Idaho Patient Act.

That law would require health care facilities to bill patients within 30 days of the visit, give a consolidated summary of services within 60 days of visit, provide a final statement after insurance and other payments are made in a timely manner, wait 60 days after the final statement before charging interest on unpaid bills, wait 180 days after the final statement before taking collection action and puts a cap on legal costs.

Manwaring says this is a step in the right direction.

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